Ep 034: Breast Cancer Education Month w/ Naomi Damask

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Naomi Damask is a wellness consultant and entrepreneur in the epigenetic, biohacking and nutrigenomics sector of the wellness industry. As a breast cancer thriver, she has a mission to educate on what is wellness and helping everyone thrive in life.  She is the founder of  Vitamin C Party, a party that everyone needs to attend as it focuses on some of the most important aspects of wellness - community, connection and conversation!

As a breast cancer thriver, Naomi loves helping others understand wellness and how we can live a preventative lifestyle.  In this episode, we discuss the many things involved in wellness which is much more than just diet and exercise and imperative to our healing. Naomi gives us hints on how we can be our own best advocates, explains that we do have choices in our health care and outcome and that we need to address the emotional side of our health which is just as important as the physical side. 

Contact Naomi @ www.ohmyword.net 


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