Ep 24 How to fix weight loss resistance w/ Dr. Trent Mozingo

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Tiffany discusses all things weight loss with Dr. Mozingo. It starts with the gut and goes from there. Optimizing our digestive function as well as our liver is what allows our body to finally release the extra pounds that have been weighing you down. Tiffany and Dr. Mozingo also discuss the importance of making the connection between the stresses we encounter day to day, the regulation of our blood sugar, and extra weight. In order to overcome weight loss resistance, we need to address several aspects of our total health. 

About Dr. Mozingo:

Dr. Trent Mozingo grew up on a small farm in Southeastern Indiana where he learned the hard work that goes into raising food from the ground up. With a large garden, farm-raised beef, pork, and chicken eggs, his family always had home-cooked meals that were raised on the farm.

Growing up, Dr. Mozingo never knew the value of his childhood education until he began his pursuit of becoming a chiropractor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. There he learned how the human body works, and he applied his childhood education to understand how food plays an important role in keeping the body working at its best.

Dr. Mozingo wrote his first book, The Weight Is Over, to help you understand the inner-workings of the human body to help you take control of your own health. With great detail and reader friendly analogies, The Weight Is Over will guide you on a journey to build an understanding how your health came apart, and how you can put it back together.

Link for the book - The Weight is Over:  The Links The Links Between Food, Health, & Weight that Your Doctor Hasn't Told You by Trent Mozingo, DC


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