Kung Pao Chicken

I did it! I found another recipe that my whole family really likes. My daughter asked if I’d make some Kung Pao Chicken and since its one of my favorite dishes I was more than happy to oblige. I have made several Asian dishes but never this one. I searched for a great recipe on Pinterest and but apparently there are 1000 different Kung Pao Chicken recipes. I couldn’t find one that I really like so I came up with my own concoction. Shockingly, it worked! I think it would be good to try with additional veggies for more texture (I’m a huge texture fan) such as celery, pea pods, or even broccoli. You could also try cashews. I did keep out red chili peppers which is common in this dish because I needed to keep the heat out of this recipe for one my girls. This still has a little kick but it wasn’t too much, at least for my family. The best thing about this is that if you don’t have time to marinate the chicken for 30 minutes, it’ll still taste great. You could whip up this meal in no time. In addition, this recipe is gluten free, dairy free and could be soy free (I avoid soy as much as I can) using Coconut Aminos rather than the Tamari that I had on hand for this recipe. Try it out, experiment with the veggies, and let me know how it goes!

Serves 4-6


1# chicken breast, skinless

Roasted peanuts (I used about a 1/4 C)

6 green onions (scallions)

2 C. Cooked Jasmine or Brown Rice 


2 T sesame oil

2 T coconut vinegar

2 T Tamari or Coconut Aminos

2 T Szechuan Sauce

1 t minced garlic or 1-2 garlic cloves, minced

1/4 t ground ginger


Combine ingredients in medium sized glass bowl with a cover. Combine all marinade ingredients and mix thoroughly. Set aside.

Cut chicken breast into cubes and combine with marinade. Set in refrigerator for 30 minutes. While chicken is marinating, cut green onions (scallions) in 1/2″ pieces up to where the white is starting to become green. Dice the remaining greens of the onion for garnish.
To cook, heat large saute pan or wok on high heat. Add chicken and marinade mixture to pan. Alternate stirring chicken and letting sit until chicken is cooked through. Once cooked through, let chicken sit in marinade while chicken slightly browns and marinade thickens. Add peanuts and green onions (scallions), mix in, and stir fry for a couple minutes.


Time Saving Tip: This recipe could be made ahead of time and frozen for those nights on the run. Make marinade and cut chicken into pieces. Put in freezer bag. When its time to make it, take out your Kung Pao in the freezer bag, thaw in refrigerator, and saute or stir fry. Add onions and peanuts (don’t freeze these). Additionally, you could make the rice ahead of time and freeze in a separate freezer bag within the Kung Pao bag for REALLY easy meal prep. Just thaw and heat prior to serving meal.




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