Stress Less During a Pandemic

Stress. This is something I talk about ALL the time with my clients.

 Stress can affect you negatively whether it’s perceived as a “good” stress or a “bad” stress. For example, for many people the holidays are a time of good cheer, family time and making memories. However, the planning, the shopping, the baking, the traveling and even sometimes family can put undue stress on our systems leaving us set up to be sick. Over time, this can even lead to chronic illness. Our bodies don’t care if the stressor is something we think is “good” or “bad.” It responds the same way by turning on our fight or flight response. This pandemic that is happening is affecting so many of us in a bad way. 

 The problem we face is our society doesn’t every really get a break from stressors. We constantly are running away from the proverbial saber tooth tiger. Whether we are dealing with a pandemic or not, we have a hard time stepping away from daily stress. But it's important now more than ever to learn to deal with it. Maybe this is one of the things we can learn while we are lying low and have been forced to be less busy. 

 Our adrenal glands are responsible for helping us manage our stress. In doing so, the adrenals soak up our B Vitamins and Vitamin C like crazy not leaving much left for our other biochemical functions that require those nutrients. By managing your stress, you'll be allowing your immune system to do it's job more effectively. 

So, here are some practical things you can do now to help yourself during these busy times.

  1. Get enough rest. Even when you are pressed for time, wrapping the gifts when everyone else is sleeping, doing the cleaning, etc you need to still get your Zs. I am referring to actual good, restorative sleep. Focus on getting to bed and waking at about the same time every night and morning. Also, if you haven't already, listen to my interview with Dr. Jessica Drummond about the Importance of Sleep
  2. Focus on that nutrition. Make a bunch of soups that you can easily heat up for a quick meal. Have salads on hand. Just do what you can to get some good, basic nutrition in your body taking special note to add citrus or strawberries and bell peppers for Vitamin C and good quality animal products for your B vitamins as well as nuts and seeds.
  3. Get some down time during the day. Take 15-30 minutes to just BE. Maybe it’s a power nap. Maybe mediation or a few yoga poses. Give yourself a chance to regroup and re-center.
  4. Maintain some kind of exercise program. Maybe it’s a formal program or your favorite group exercise class…go for it. But even if you can get a walk in on a treadmill or outside if you can stand the cold on a regular basis, you’ll feel so much better. It's so beautiful outside. Many of us haven't seen the sun or the grass for months so it's one thing we should focus on when it comes to looking on the bright side. 

Through the busyness of life (and a pandemic), we need to be aware of the nutrients that help us get through and manage our stress. Now, more than ever, is the time to make time for YOU and to slow down, calm down, and take care of yourself. Be well.  

To start taking quality and efficacious supplements to support and manage your stress, click HERE for Stress Arrest and HERE for Stellar C. 


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