Ep 028: How to lengthen telomeres to improve aging w/ Dr. Darrell Misak

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Welcome to another episode of Rock Bottom Wellness. I’m your host, Tiffany Flaten. Tiffany interviews Dr. Misak, a Pharmacist and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, who specializes in bio-electric health concepts as it relates to the aging process. This analytical natural approach to health and his education and background led him to the development of Vi-Telometry, a natural, anti-aging product that can help improve our aging process with well-studied plants that may help to improve mental focus while supporting our liver, helping manage our stress and improve circulation. Dr. Misak comes from an analytical approach rather than just a diagnostic approach which allows his patients great success on their journey to optimal health. We also discuss the effects of stress on our DNA and thyroid function. Also, Dr. Misak gives us insight on how to lengthen telomeres to improve aging. 

Reach out to Dr. Misak at www.docmisak.com or www.vitelometry.com.

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