Triggers: Do you Have Any?

stress management Nov 25, 2021


What Is a Trigger?

It feels magical when everything works smoothly. You master the eating routine, workout schedule, self-care, and bedtime. Everything just clicks.

Triggers ruin that momentum. They make you feel down on yourself and cause you to lose ground on your progress.

I recently got triggered upon seeing myself in a video. I am okay with seeing myself in a video, but I looked tired and inflamed in this video. I teach people to avoid inflammation and getting exhausted, so this video made me feel horrible. I felt like I had imposter syndrome, and it was causing me a lot of self-doubt. 

This trigger caused me to worry. I worried about whether I should take down the video or keep it up. I knew the message was real, but the self-doubt caused me to slow down.

If you exercise with a thyroid condition, you might get frustrated because you feel worse after the exercise. Your trigger might be not seeing any progress after cutting calories for a week. 

How to Confront Triggers

We have to list our triggers before they stampede on our progress. A trigger can be seeing yourself in a picture you dislike, a toxic relationship, or anything that derails your progress.


Commercials can trigger people. Never watching TV again just to avoid a few triggering commercials is not the answer. For some people, stepping on the scale is a big trigger. Stepping on the scale lets you measure your process. Some days will be better than others.


We can’t escape triggers. They will continue to come up. However, we must learn to control how we respond to triggers. We have to hold onto our joy and continue practicing self-care as we work on our routines.


Want Help with Confronting Your Triggers?

Avoid letting yourself fall through the cracks. Triggers can hurt our progress, but you don’t have to fight them alone. If you have any triggers and want to work through them, hop on a free Thyroid Breakthrough Session.


People come away with good insights that will help them get started. I also give away my mini-plan to help you on your journey, even if you don’t work with me. 


Our conversation around triggers is a small taste of what you’ll find in the Rock Bottom podcast and my other resources. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss a single episode.


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