001: Welcome to Rock Bottom Wellness


Welcome to Rock Bottom Wellness Radio. I’m your host, Tiffany Flaten.

For so many years, I’d wake up every morning wondering why I was feeling the way I did and how and the heck I was going to make it through another day. How was I going to take care of myself much less my little people. I hated getting up each day and feeling hopeless. So hopeless that I almost stopped caring. Almost.

And it was in the depth of this despair, that I was prompted to spend the next 4 years becoming a board certified and licensed nutritionist and truly, a thyroid expert.

Now, I wake up each day with a goal of supporting people who also have hit their rock bottom and I’m here to help people short cut their journey back to health since it is often can be a long, hard road. And more than that, I get what it’s like to be sick and I’m here to help you.

I’ve been wanting to start this podcast so I can help others in a bigger way. I can have more reach with people who feel in the dark and unsupported because as you’ll find out in future episodes, thyroid patients often feel like they’re on an island of their own. Rock Bottom Wellness Radio is a way for me to get the word out and hopefully change the dynamic in this apparent epidemic that is thyroid disease.

When you subscribe and tune in for each episode, you’re going to find yourself up-leveling your education about your OWN health so you can feel empowered and positive rather than hopeless and defeated. You will learn how to partner with your health care practitioner and take charge of your own health so that you are able to wake up feeling energized and ready for the day, you’re able to spend more quality time with your children, you can regain your focus and stamina to live more fully again. 

Sometimes, you’re going to hear from just me about specific topics related to thyroid that often come up in my day to day practice. Sometimes you’ll hear from other experts in the field or practitioners who specialize in the topic. Oftentimes, they’ve been there themselves which, of course, is the best kind of expert to have.

You can tune in each Tuesday for a new episode. My intention is that they will last about 45 minutes in length.

I hope that you’ll give us a rating and a review and subscribe now so that you’ll benefit from the education and information that we’ll be sharing here on Rock Bottom Wellness Radio. And speaking of sharing, if you know anyone else who would benefit from this information, it would be great to share it with them.

And, as a thank you for listening to my show, I’d love to offer you a free 30 minutes Breakthrough Session. All you have to do is click on the link you’ll find in the show notes or go rockbottomwellness.com/breakthrough.

I’m so excited to be able to share this information with you. And I hope that you’ll always remember that a diagnosis doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Until next time… eat well, be well.




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