Healing from Childhood Trauma with Michael Anthony

In our recent Rock-Bottom Wellness podcast our guest was Michael Anthony, the author of the bestselling book Think Unbroken and a coach, mentor, and educator for adult survivors of child abuse.

Michael was born to a hyper abusive drug-addicted mother who cut his finger off at four years old, a stepfather you pray you never have, and was adopted by a racist grandmother that pushed him into an identity crisis.

Aged 18, Michael decided that money could solve his problems, so he got a job in a fast-food restaurant and worked hard. By the time he was 21, he had a six-figure salary with a Fortune 1,000. However, aged 25, Michael found himself morbidly obese, drunk daily, and self-sabotaging everything he’d achieved.

It was not until his “mirror moment” that he began to work through his childhood trauma and life really began. Now, Michael Anthony spends his time helping others to become the hero of their own story and take their lives back.

The Mirror Moment

At 25 Michael...

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Ozonated Water and Sauna for Healthy Living in a Toxic World

We live in a toxic world. Even if we eat organic, we can’t live in a bubble. We need to continue safeguarding our bodies and detoxifying them the right way. Eileen Durfee came on the show to discuss how ozonated water and saunas can help us stay healthy in a toxic world.  

Eileen is a health pioneer businesswoman and innovator. The former nuclear power plant engineer became sick due to chemical exposure. This experience inspired her to embark on a quest to heal her body. The result was Creatrix Solutions, LLC, which creates and distributes natural healing products worldwide.  

Ozonated Water 

How safe is your food? Anything grown in the ground comes with the risk of parasites. Parasite larvae can infiltrate the food and grow inside it. We can’t see these larvae as they grow and mature.  

Ozonated water kills these parasites, mold, and other bacteria. This resource helps you bio-hack your health and puts you back in the driver’s seat. Ozonated...

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Improve Your Wellness With Immersive Retreats

health and wellness Dec 29, 2021

What do you get when you combine two of my favorite things, travel and wellness? If you’re Jessica Van Antwerp, you get wellness guidance, retreats, and education to learn how to unlock your body’s natural healing capacity while connecting with others.

As the owner and CEO of Integral Travel, Jessica invites travelers into the world of transformational travel and its regenerative potential, with incredible results.

A Life in Motion

Jessica has been traveling since she was a child, flying multiple times a year, even as a baby. At 11 years old, she took her first international trip, and from there, her passion for travel continued to grow.

A few decades of international travel exposed her to different cultures and ways of living around the world, including developing countries. As the child of divorced parents with joint custody, Jessica and her brother went back and forth between their parents’ houses every two weeks.

Feeling like she was constantly in motion, she...

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The Root Cause of PANDAS

immune health Dec 22, 2021

PANDAS is a rare and serious adverse immune condition. It may take numerous consultations with doctors and specialists and undergoing multiple tests to achieve the proper diagnosis.

I recently sat down with Elizabeth Harris on my podcast Rock Bottom Wellness to discuss her and her son’s long and difficult experience with this disorder. As her son’s physical symptoms were replaced by psychiatric symptoms, Elizabeth knew she had to use her two decades of experience in the field of wellness to save their lives.

What is PANDAS?

PANDAS stands for ‘Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections”. Quite the mouthful!

It is typically a children’s disorder where the streptococcal bacteria attack the cells in the brain and turn their immune system into overdrive. Because the cells are attacking the brain, neurological issues emerge.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The initial infection is a streptococcal infection. For...

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Your Last Weight-Loss Program?

weight loss Dec 15, 2021

In a recent episode of Rock Bottom Wellness, I welcomed two guests to the show: Liz Dickinson and Shannon Shearn. Together, they offer a program called Relish Life that’s touted as the last weight-loss program the world will ever need.

If that sounds like a tall order, you’re right — but this powerhouse pair delivers on their promise. Rather than treat symptoms, the program aims to resolve the root cause of weight-loss issues once and for all.

The Weight-Loss Struggle Is Real

Liz is no stranger to the struggles that come with trying to lose weight. With each of her pregnancies, she gained stubborn weight that overstayed its welcome well beyond the baby's due date.

After her third child, says Liz, she had gotten up to 210 pounds and could not shed the weight, even with rigid calorie counting. Her regular doctor was no help; she offered no solutions beyond tracking caloric intake.

Intuitively, Liz knew there was something more going on. She came to that conclusion...

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The Link Between Thyroid Cancer and Breast Cancer

health and wellness Dec 08, 2021

Did you know that there's a link between thyroid cancer and breast cancer? Sounds scary, right? With the rise of cancer cases worldwide, you'd be interested in understanding this relationship. Read on to understand how these cancers are interrelated and how you can protect yourself.

Thyroid Cancer Can Spread to Lymph Nodes

Breast cancer has a high sensitivity to estrogen. Likewise, thyroid cancer has estrogen-like effects.

Overactive thyroids have a high chance of causing breast cancer. Radioactive iodine that medics use to manage thyroid cancer can also have some risk factors for breast cancer.

Likewise, some radiations medics use to manage breast cancer can trigger thyroid cancer. And, poor dieting, failure to exercise, and exposure to many radiations predispose you to both cancers.

Surveillance bias and Germline mutations explain the relationship between thyroid and breast cancer. Women with thyroid cancer have a higher risk of subs.

They can have subsequent breast cancers....

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The Downfall of Western Medicine: What your doctor is missing with thyroid, metabolism, and weight loss issues

health and wellness Dec 01, 2021


When you're faced with an impossible diagnosis, you can be left feeling depressed, exhausted, and anxious. I sat down with Scott Summer, an award-winning practitioner who treats patients globally with unique techniques, combining his Western and Eastern medicine knowledge.

Food in Medicine

Growing up with epilepsy, Scott struggled with depression. He prayed and promised that after he healed, he would help other people.

Amazingly enough, Scott grew up on a farm with his father, who taught him about food and fitness. It just so happens that a kenogenic diet is a cure for epilepsy. For Scott, he got off lucky. Doctors told him he just had epilepsy and that there was nothing he could do about it. Even when he was feeling better, they just sent him on home.

In Asian medicine, food is one of the first things discussed. In Western medicine, diets, calorie intake, and the like are not discussed in the medical field as much.

There is a difference in the food we eat now and how the...

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Triggers: Do you Have Any?

stress management Nov 25, 2021


What Is a Trigger?

It feels magical when everything works smoothly. You master the eating routine, workout schedule, self-care, and bedtime. Everything just clicks.

Triggers ruin that momentum. They make you feel down on yourself and cause you to lose ground on your progress.

I recently got triggered upon seeing myself in a video. I am okay with seeing myself in a video, but I looked tired and inflamed in this video. I teach people to avoid inflammation and getting exhausted, so this video made me feel horrible. I felt like I had imposter syndrome, and it was causing me a lot of self-doubt. 

This trigger caused me to worry. I worried about whether I should take down the video or keep it up. I knew the message was real, but the self-doubt caused me to slow down.

If you exercise with a thyroid condition, you might get frustrated because you feel worse after the exercise. Your trigger might be not seeing any progress after cutting calories for a week. 

How to Confront...

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My Experience with COVID and What I Did About It

immune health Nov 18, 2021

Moving into cold and flu season while COVID is still a public health crisis makes it even more essential to take care of yourself. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to be proactive with your health and be your own best advocate. Do what you need to do to support your body to be as healthy as possible when you are faced with something like COVID.

I had COVID in August, and as a certified nutritionist, I knew there were things I could do to support my health. I want to share with you what I did to help myself through this infection.

Disclaimer: I'm sharing this to articulate that it’s vital to maintain your health. I am not saying that these measures cured me. Please don’t override your doctor’s advice with my personal experience.


How COVID Affected Me

In late August, I started feeling like I had to clear my throat a lot, which is nothing new for me. I do have sinus issues. And fall is allergy season, so this was nothing new. I didn't even feel tired; I...

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Discover the 4 Pillars of Health

health and wellness Nov 11, 2021

In my latest episode of Rock Bottom Wellness, I welcome Dr. Orlena, whose life’s work is dedicated to helping busy women create their healthiest, most amazing selves. I’m excited to share her insights with you, particularly on the Four Pillars of Wellness that she teachers to her clients.

Originally a pediatric doctor in the UK, Dr. Orlena made the choice to move to Spain with her family about 10 years ago. As she followed her calling for a slower pace of life, Dr. Orlena launched a blog called Snotty Noses, which focused on children’s health.

With four young children at home, including a set of twins, Dr. Orlena discovered firsthand what it was like to try and encourage healthy eating habits for her children, who were “slightly picky eaters,” she says. Eventually, that effort morphed into supporting mothers, who are often leading the way in terms of healthy eating for the family.

Four Pillars of Wellness

A big part of that effort is helping mothers...

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