Healing Effects of Bone Broth

Remember the good old home remedy of chicken soup for healing the worst of colds and flu (and your soul)? There have even been books written about it!  I learned in Pathogenic Microbiology class that one reason for this medicinal use of Chicken soup was that it warmed up the mucous membranes and therefore didn’t allow the cold virus to attach to those areas lining your respiratory tract. It turns out that’s not the only healing benefit you get from chicken soup.

Scientists have now learned that your overall health is largely dependent on the health of your gut.  Bone broth, stock, or chicken broth can do much for maintaining a healthy gut.  So what do I mean by the gut? I’m referring to your digestive tract where a delicate balance of microorganisms and enzymes live in order to properly digest your food, break it down and transfer the nutrients into the bloodstream. When you have poor gut health, you more than likely have food sensitivities and...

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004: 9 Ways to Support Your Immune System

In this episode, Tiffany takes you through 9 Ways You Can Boost Your Immune System and some things NOT to do. She'll dive into some lifestyle changes that are important as well. What we consume and how we behave really matter when it comes to improving our ability to fight off infection and keep us healthy all year long.

LINKS:  Here are links to Tiffany's most recommended supplements from this podcast when it comes to maintaining your immune health.

Probiotic -


Vitamin D -





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