Creamy Cajun Chicken

chicken food Aug 06, 2021

I decided to go back to some old, favorite recipes to spice up the menu at home.  I came across an oldie but a goodie is given to me by a friend who also likes to cook.  I used to only make this on occasion because it was "fattening" and it induced major feelings of guilt whenever I succumbed to the temptation of this rich and creamy dish. 

After a drastic change in my thoughts against fattening foods and a "conscious uncoupling" from fat-free food products, I have learned to embrace the so-called fattening foods.  In addition, as I have to eat a gluten-free diet, I have found ways to make these pre-gluten-free recipes OK for me to enjoy.

The protein from the chicken and fat from the cream will help balance out that blood sugar so doesn't undo that with a heaping mound of pasta, even if it is whole grain.  Keep the pasta serving to a 1/2 cup. 

Here is a variation of the recipe given to me by Patti.  I hope you enjoy it!

4 boneless chicken breasts,...

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