What's cholesterol & why are we afraid of it?

Cholesterol has been a hot topic and has caused people much stress and confusion. First, eat eggs, then don’t eat eggs! Eat margarine, not butter – be very afraid of saturated fats. This is just the start of the confusion. The one thing that remains to be true is that you don’t have to look too far to find someone who has been prescribed a statin drug to lower that cholesterol. The remainder of this article answers some of the mystery behind this biochemical substance we all seem fear so much. This article answers the question, Cholesterol, What is it and why are we afraid of it?


First of all, what is cholesterol and what is its function in the body? Cholesterol is our body’s main repair mechanism. Cholesterol is produced by the liver in response to inflammation. It is sent to the site of inflammation in order to repair it. To put it another way, if fire is like inflammation, cholesterol is the firefighter. When our lipid panels come back with elevated...

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