Thyroid Effects in Females

As my clients and podcast subscribers know, thyroid health is a major aspect of the work I do at Rock Bottom Wellness.

My own journey to reclaiming my health began, in many ways, with thyroid dysfunction, which progressed into thyroid cancer in 2007. But this diagnosis was not some ominous, terminal sentence; on the contrary, it led me to dig deeper into this condition and the field of health, nutrition and well-being. And this digging eventually got me to “rock bottom,” and a place from which I could begin to help others.

Before we can look into the ways in which we can support thyroid health, it’s important to understand the thyroid itself; its attributes and function in the body, especially as it pertains to women.

The thyroid is a small,“butterfly-shaped” gland at the front of the neck. It produces a hormone that regulates a variety of functions in the body but, most significantly, controls the speed of metabolism. These disorders either slow down,...

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Ep 029 My Experience with Hypothyroidism Medication

When you set out to help support your thyroid function, hypothyroidism medication is not a one size fits all process. You need to know your numbers - ALL your numbers -  to really get the best treatment possible. My story actually started way before I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I struggled with so many of the classic thyroid symptoms - fatigue, dry skin, constantly feeling sick, muscle fatigue, irregular periods, and depression. MAJOR the point where my doctor, a Psychiatrist, prescribed a low dose of Synthroid along with my antidepressants. I told him, “I don’t have a thyroid problem. My tests always come back “normal.” He informed me that many of his patients see an improvement of symptoms with this combination. He was right! But I didn’t have a thyroid problem. 


Jump ahead about 10 years. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and due to having a thyroidectomy, needed to begin thyroid medications pretty much...

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Ep 020: Top 8 Thyroid Symptoms & Cure

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Welcome to another episode of Rock Bottom Wellness. I’m your host, Tiffany Flaten. Today, I’m on my own talking about the Top 8 Thyroid Symptoms and Cure. But, does a cure actually exist? 

This is a topic I know all too well about. In fact, I believe I struggled with un-diagnosed thyroid symptoms until I was diagnosed with cancer in my 30s. That’s when the symptoms I was having were highlighted and then in talking with so many other people and reading so many books about this condition, I realized that I had ALL of them. And so do many others. I could probably talk about 101 symptoms but I work holistically with people and I really try to help people manage their stress. So, we’re going to stick with only eight. 

  1. Fatigue. I think this is THE most common one and THE most overlooked because it can really be caused by just about anything. Any time you are a...
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Ep 015: HEALTHY AT HOME SERIES PART 6 3 Ways to Support Your Thyroid and Boost Your Immune System Quickly

This is it! The last part of my Healthy at Home series. 

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Welcome to another episode of Rock Bottom Wellness. I’m your host, Tiffany Flaten. Today, I’m on my own discussing 3 Ways to Support Your Thyroid and while doing so how you can boost your immune system. 

Most people think of the connection between your immune system and your thyroid gland in context of a condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland and accounts for at least 90% of all cases of hypothyroidism. Oftentimes, it is treated as if it were no different than “run of the mill” hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, it IS different and there are ways to address it even outside of the context of medication. ...

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