Ep 019 What your mind hears, the body reflects w/ Benita Wallis

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Benita Wallis is a unique intuitive healer who helps you to heal, grow and expand into your best self by creating connections within and with nature. Using her wit, charm and straight from the hip wisdom, she offers the opportunity for you to nurture your own inner wild by creating space for movement and flow. 

She works with people on an emotional, physical and spiritual level to help them find their flow again. By addressing their pressing concerns we are often able to deep dive into the stored trauma held within the body on a cellular level. The treasure chest of stored trauma will manifest on the surface levels in such forms as body aches, pains or illnesses as well as feeling emotionally offset or depressed or stressed from their own ‘norm’.

You see, as we go through life we gain so many experiences, both good and bad. When things are good, we often express...

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