Ep 016 Clearing Set Points In Your Life to Achieve Your Goals w/ Gertrud deWitte

health joy podcast setpoints Jun 16, 2020

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Set Points are "upper limits" we have created for ourselves as it comes to how much money we can have, how healthy we can be, how much love we deserve, how much success, etc. 

On a subconscious level we have created this limit. So, when we rationally try to reach a goal, our set point will call us back as soon as we go over. 

So, an example we’ve all heard of is of people winning the lottery. These new millionaires often blow all their money within a couple of years and go back to where they were before. That’s how set points work. The old programming in our subconscious sabotages us in having what we want.

With losing weight: people trying hard to get the weight off, keeping it off for a while, but soon go back to their old weight. Again, self-sabotage.

Everything we do to reach our goal will be to no avail if we’re blocked from the...

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