Triggers: Do you Have Any?

stress management Nov 25, 2021


What Is a Trigger?

It feels magical when everything works smoothly. You master the eating routine, workout schedule, self-care, and bedtime. Everything just clicks.

Triggers ruin that momentum. They make you feel down on yourself and cause you to lose ground on your progress.

I recently got triggered upon seeing myself in a video. I am okay with seeing myself in a video, but I looked tired and inflamed in this video. I teach people to avoid inflammation and getting exhausted, so this video made me feel horrible. I felt like I had imposter syndrome, and it was causing me a lot of self-doubt. 

This trigger caused me to worry. I worried about whether I should take down the video or keep it up. I knew the message was real, but the self-doubt caused me to slow down.

If you exercise with a thyroid condition, you might get frustrated because you feel worse after the exercise. Your trigger might be not seeing any progress after cutting calories for a week. 

How to Confront...

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Stress and Weight Loss Resistance

Today we are being bombarded by countless stressors, attacking us from seemingly every angle; political fears, financial worries and, of course, a pandemic that has overshadowed nearly every aspect of our lives.

More than ever, we are concerned about our health and well-being and that of our families. Although we are deluged by a world in chaos, it’s important to acknowledge and remember that our personal health and fitness is key. We must start with ourselves before we can even begin to help those close to us. Remember that flight attendant who told you to put on your own oxygen mask first?  They were right. 

Trays up. Please direct your attention to the front of the aircraft.

For many of us, weight loss is one of the major aspects that comes to mind when we think of general well-being. And certainly, a healthy weight is important to (and indicative of) a healthy lifestyle. We often assume that weight loss is entirely dependent on the amount of calories consumed and...

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Ep 027: Mitochondria and Your Thyroid Health w/ Dr. Tim Jackson

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The mitochondria are our “powerhouses” of our cells but more importantly they are responsible for sending signals throughout our bodies as described so well by Dr. Tim Jackson. Cell Damage Response (CDR) is an important thing to understand when it comes to figuring out how we can optimize our body’s and thyroid function with regard to supporting our mitochondria. 

Ways to fix our mitochondrial health include supporting our body temperature when oftentimes it’s too low, managing our stress, and eating the foods that are nutrient dense and actually support the systems our bodies...

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Ep 026: Helping our daughters thrive with proper nutrition w/ Deborah Ann Davis

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Speaker, author, educator/coach, and producer of her own daughter, Deborah has helped bridge the gap in countless Mom versus Tween/Teen Daughter emotional conflicts. Armed with a sense of humor, a B. S . in Education (UMass) and a M.Ed. (Emory Univ.), Deborah is a sought after speaker whose book, How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door, will be available nationwide in 2020.

The overall message is that daughters model their behavior after their mother's, so we have to live a healthy, happy lifestyle if we want them to value living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We need to make sure our kids are getting the proper nutrition in order to handle better all that life throws at them. 

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Ep 015: HEALTHY AT HOME SERIES PART 6 3 Ways to Support Your Thyroid and Boost Your Immune System Quickly

This is it! The last part of my Healthy at Home series. 

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Welcome to another episode of Rock Bottom Wellness. I’m your host, Tiffany Flaten. Today, I’m on my own discussing 3 Ways to Support Your Thyroid and while doing so how you can boost your immune system. 

Most people think of the connection between your immune system and your thyroid gland in context of a condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland and accounts for at least 90% of all cases of hypothyroidism. Oftentimes, it is treated as if it were no different than “run of the mill” hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, it IS different and there are ways to address it even outside of the context of medication. ...

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013 HEALTHY AT HOME SERIES PART 4: Managing Stress and Mental Health at Home w/ Therapist, Jenn Geryol

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Join me as I interview Jenn Geryol, LFMT as we discuss aspects of managing our stress and mental well-being while our lives have turned upside down. How do we manage? What can we do to stay healthy? Why are you so tired? How can I reach out for help?

We dig into a few things such as breathwork/meditation, exercise/activity, eating well, connecting with others, limiting news/social media consumption, adjusting expectations, and of course reaching out if you need support/counseling! 

To find support in the local area, click here:

For non-local people, click here for support: 

Jenn’s Article:

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012: Simple Massage at Home Techniques w/ Moriah Prange

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Join me as I interview Moriah Prange, massage therapist, as we discuss ways to keep your body healthy when you can’t get your massage. We talk about how Moriah has used her own diagnosis as a way to help and heal her massage clients. She specializes in pediatric massage and has a unique way of working with her clients. We talk about the benefits of pediatric massage, at home massage techniques, and healthy touch in our society around COVID-19. 

Facebook: @flourishingtouch

Email: [email protected] 

Office number/cell: 763-274-0377/612-559-9931

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Cholesterol: What is it? Part 2

Last week, I wrote about cholesterol and some of the basics. If you missed it, click here to catch up.

The first post touched on some of the basics of cholesterol and why it's needed in the body. In Cholesterol: What is it? Part 2, I'll touch on a couple of the myths associated with cholesterol by pointing out some myths that are widely held with regard to eating and your cholesterol levels. But first, let's take a look at statin drugs:

 Statin Therapy to Reduce Cholesterol:  It is estimated that the statin drug industry is bringing in well over $30 billion per year. This is climbing as more and more people, even kids, are being prescribed this medication. Why are they used? Statin drugs are used to block the pathway of cholesterol production in the liver. The only problem is there are several other pathways that are blocked as well. One of them is CoQ10. CoQ10 is a hugely important nutrient for your immune system AND heart health. CoQ10 is essential for maintaining heart...

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