Your Last Weight-Loss Program?

weight loss Dec 15, 2021

In a recent episode of Rock Bottom Wellness, I welcomed two guests to the show: Liz Dickinson and Shannon Shearn. Together, they offer a program called Relish Life that’s touted as the last weight-loss program the world will ever need.

If that sounds like a tall order, you’re right — but this powerhouse pair delivers on their promise. Rather than treat symptoms, the program aims to resolve the root cause of weight-loss issues once and for all.

The Weight-Loss Struggle Is Real

Liz is no stranger to the struggles that come with trying to lose weight. With each of her pregnancies, she gained stubborn weight that overstayed its welcome well beyond the baby's due date.

After her third child, says Liz, she had gotten up to 210 pounds and could not shed the weight, even with rigid calorie counting. Her regular doctor was no help; she offered no solutions beyond tracking caloric intake.

Intuitively, Liz knew there was something more going on. She came to that conclusion...

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Ep 032: Food Fight - Winning the Battle w/ Food & Eating to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss w/ Lisa Goldberg

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People who struggle with food, weight and dieting for most, if not all of their life, believe that they don’t have enough willpower, haven’t found the right plan or that something is inherently “wrong” with them that they can’t lose weight and keep it off. Every time they attempt to lose weight, they never address what got them to overweight in the first place. Their mindset and limiting beliefs need to be addressed. Lasting weight loss is 80% mindset and 20% food. When people have the tools and strategies they need to transform from the inside out, they can achieve weight loss that stays off for good. 

Lisa Goldberg is a nutritionist and weight loss accountability coach with a...

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