Stress and Weight Loss Resistance

Today we are being bombarded by countless stressors, attacking us from seemingly every angle; political fears, financial worries and, of course, a pandemic that has overshadowed nearly every aspect of our lives.

More than ever, we are concerned about our health and well-being and that of our families. Although we are deluged by a world in chaos, it’s important to acknowledge and remember that our personal health and fitness is key. We must start with ourselves before we can even begin to help those close to us. Remember that flight attendant who told you to put on your own oxygen mask first?  They were right. 

Trays up. Please direct your attention to the front of the aircraft.

For many of us, weight loss is one of the major aspects that comes to mind when we think of general well-being. And certainly, a healthy weight is important to (and indicative of) a healthy lifestyle. We often assume that weight loss is entirely dependent on the amount of calories consumed and...

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