Weight Loss Struggles, Conclusion

weightloss Jul 02, 2021

In Part 1, I discussed the struggle with weight loss regarding what we are eating. Part 2 focused on the behavior. In this conclusion on Weight Loss Struggles, I dive into a few of the biochemical and physiological reasons weight loss may be a struggle for you.

10) You have food intolerance/allergies/sensitivities. Oftentimes, we associate a food allergy only with the most extreme reaction called anaphylaxis. This is characterized by swelling of the lips, tongue, and throat as well as hives and other symptoms. It is oftentimes fatal and requires a trip to the ER. I used to have this allergic relationship with strawberries and my allergist claims that I walk a fine line between being able to consume them and a trip to the ER. When most docs speak of an allergy to food, this is the kind they are referring to but there are other immune responses that aren’t quite as severe but can still wreak havoc with our efforts to lose weight and/or just to feel good. Common allergies such as...

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Weight Loss Struggles, Part 2

weightloss Jun 25, 2021

Part 1, focused on what you consume and how that can affect your weight. Part 2 discusses behavior.

5) You have issues with sleep.  People underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. When we are at rest, a quality rest, our bodies have time to recover from the insults of the day. Our growth hormone kicks in, our muscles repair, kids grow, and adrenal glands have time to take a break from the stressors of life. All of these things affect our weight loss. This is just the start of what good, effective sleep can do for us. Start with trying to shut down about 10 p.m. and wake at 6 a.m. (or whatever schedule you need) but try to have a consistent wake/sleep cycle every day. Look for this topic in upcoming posts.

6) You are working out TOO hard. You may be doing too much for weight loss. If you are feeling very stressed in your everyday life and then go beat yourself up at the gym too, your body is going to hold onto everything it’s got to conserve energy (fat). If...

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Weight Loss Struggle, Part 1

weightloss Jun 18, 2021

Part 1: Are you consumed by wanting to lose weight? Do you think you do everything right but nothing seems to work? The following are a few reasons why you may be struggling:

1)      You may be eating too much fruit. What?! Yes, the fruit has a lot of things our bodies need including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber but it can pack a punch to your liver because of the amount of sugar it contains. Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, writes about this in his book Wheat Belly.   If you had the choice between an apple and a Little Debbie, by all means, eat the apple. Just don’t think of fruits in the same category as vegetables, as in “eat more fruits & vegetables” like it is one food group. When choosing fruits, opt for fruits high in antioxidants such as berries which are also lower in sugar.

2)      You may not be eating enough vegetables. That’s probably a no-brainer but getting away...

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Low Fat Diets & Weight Loss

diet low fat weightloss May 07, 2021

Low-Fat diets became quite the craze in the 90s. Food companies followed suit with a plethora of low-fat and even fat-free products. The misconstrued information about low-fat eating and our health actually began during the 1950s when Ancel Keys made some correlation between health and dietary fat in a few tribes around the world.

There’s a lot to this information so I’ll spare you the details for now. With the advent of Fat-Free Ice Cream made with Olestra (the fat replacement that caused major digestive issues), fat-free or low-fat Oreos, or marketing of already low fat or fat-free products like Twizzlers licorice, our intake of these processed foods has risen dramatically in the last decades AND we’ve become fatter as a nation. How can that be? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Well, first of all, our metabolisms have been severely impaired by these FRANKENFOODS; our bodies don’t even recognize half of this stuff. If we would’ve stuck with whole foods,...
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